When you need to promote your business / new product among larger crowd, this is the best option you should choose. Nowadays everybody connected to a mobile device and people more attached to them than television or newspapers. How about you can send your product or promo details as text message to your clients? That will increase your chances to grasp more sales opportunities than the other hundreds of brand promoting methods. We are happy to offer following options to increase your brand promo.

1. Web SMS
Web SMS allows you to send text messages from any device connected to the Internet – without an additional software. All you need is to log onto WebTop provided and you’re ready to send and receive online SMS straight from the Web SMS interface.

2. Email SMS
Email SMS allows you to send SMS messages using almost any email client (Outlook for example), without additional software.

3. SMS Broadcast
SMS Broadcast, facilitates clients who need to broadcast large volumes of send & receive sms for various reasons such as marketing, advertising and brand promotions.

We have range of APIs that can deliver wide array of business applications to integrate to our SMS gateway, quickly and cost effectively.

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