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Baiscope Sinhalen is a largest blog based web site in Srilanka.We have achieved the 13th rank among the thousands of websites in Srilanka and doing business in this field since 2009. Among the many of other services this is our addition and this service for the individuals and companies who need run their websites on an affordable, reliable hosting platform.

Who are we?
Actually this is the newest web site for the Baiscope Sinhalen Family. It’ll allow you to find an affordable, reliable and more competent hosting platform for your website for a reasonable cost.

Why we?
We owned the biggest web site which exceeds 45GB data and traffic ratio 500+ visitors per second. To maintain such huge site should require more knowledge and more resources. Now we have that knowledge and the capacity to handle any other web site even much bigger than Baiscopelk. Our main intention and target is to provide our service for the small websites in Srilanka. We are more than happy to help them and guide them about this process and it will help them to extend their uninterrupted service among the site users. It is our intention to help small web site owners to stable their valuable website among the all other websites.
Therefore we have introduced a beginner hosting plan for just for small Rs.100/= per month. Most of the host providers would not allow you to pay monthly but we will give you that opportunity. So you don’t want to spend huge sum for annual hosting plans.

What we offer?
We offer you shared hosting plans mainly. Addition to that we help you to migrate web sites to our hosting plans and install WordPress for your blog for free of charge. You will not get this service for free from any other host providers. Moreover we install cloud flare and DDoS protection for your website. If you need we can design and create a brand new web site for you for a reasonable price as well.

Why we special from others?
Most of the hosting providers will promise you to provide unlimited bandwidth and disk space but the question is can shared host providesunlimitedbandwidth and disk space? If they can provide that why the dedicated servers are expensive? This something you need to think and understand carefully.
Actually there is limit for shared hosting like Processor wise, Disk wise and Ram wise. You can see the limits for well-known hosting provider Godaddy’s from here.Even if you pay 19$ for the highest plan you can see what you’ll get through this link. Once you reach the limit of 40% they will remove your website. But Baiscope Hosting are completely different from them. We will promise you that we will not remove your web site. Instead of removing it we will guide you what you need to donext.
Addition to that we are planning to provide server management services for you. Those services as follows,

  • Linux Server Management
  • cPanel Server Management
  • Plesk Server Management
  • Weekly Server Management
  • Hourly Server Administration

We have special packages for companies.

Additionally, following services are available upon your request.

  • Server Hardening
  • Server Optimization

If you are a web designing firm or individual you don’t want to bother about suggesting a reliable and affordable hosting plan for your customers because Baiscope Hosting is here to take your responsibility now. We offer you monthly payments. You can pay by Eazy Cash, Paypal or Bank Transfer.

Content of Baiscope Hosting?
We are happy to announce that our service is well protected by ddos protection system. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an addition. If you need to add SSL and Cloud Flare protection to your website we are here to help for zero cost.

But you need to pay your attention on followings,

  • We will not allow any video storing facility in our hosting. You’ll have to store it separate location and direct it to the site.
  • We will not allow to publish any content which is prohibited by the common law.

We are planning to provide DCAMA ignored hosting services on a later stage and we will do the announcement in due course.

Our cheapest hosting plans as follows,

BeginnerPack – Rs.100/=*
Business Pack – Rs.250/=*

*Conditions Apply.
For further details you can contact via Email, Phone or you can fill the contact form with your requirement.